RUTH’S PURSE: An Ayanski Widows Initiative

For those who have not had the experience, it is impossible to understand the depth of the pain caused by the loss of a mate. In fact, the human mind only gradually accepts the terrible reality.

Friends and family often do not know how to react in the face of such suffering. Do you know someone who has experienced the death of a mate? How, then, can you provide support? What should you know in order to help widows and widowers work through their grief? How can you help the bereaved gradually to regain a taste for life?

Without skills, support, or opportunity, widows often succumb to the viscous cycle of poverty. Some are forced into servitude or beggary, and those with children are forced to surrender them to an orphanage, to traffickers, to child marriage, or to the streets.

We assist widows wherever the need arises. We do not want them to suffer any more than they already have. We at Patrick Ayanski provide a monthly stipend to 40 deserving widows to ease the burden of the reality of their situations. This stipend is a priority to us because as an organization we pay the widows their stipend even before the staff are paid.