Ayanski Fabrics represents our fabric brand with a network of distributors that cuts across Africa, USA and Europe. Our Vision with Ayanski Fabrics is to offer African Prints on every texture for Every Woman regardless of colour, race, religion and size.

We launched an Every Woman themed Campaign focused at expressing every woman’s style irrespective of her race, religion, shape and size to celebrate all women. Designers that worked alongside us on this project were provided Ayanski Fabric prints in different textures to based on their preference to express their creativity.

A few of the designers on this project are, Phunk Afrique, Dzyn, Daviva, House of Dorcas and others. The pieces made were photographed and used for the Everywoman Online Campaign and also featured in our Catalogue. We ran an online campaign over the period of a month to celebrate and acknowledge the designers work alongside their profile. This was to encourage and thank them about their effort, patience and contribution to ensure the project was a success.

All strategic partners were credited online, in the printed catalogue and other media and communications.